A balancing act called Life

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Most of our problems these days are either related to over doing something or under doing.

Overthinking, overspending, over and above use of technology, over consumerism.

Or undervaluing such as, underestimating our potential, not eating healthy enough, not taking action enough.

We are either drifting towards over or under.

The answer lies neither in excess nor in scarcity.

The answer lies in the balance.

The closer we are to balance the closer we are to being satisfied and happy.

True balance, perfect balance is difficult to achieve but aiming for balance is not a futile effort either.

By just aiming for balance we cut out on excessiveness in our lives and nourish the undernourished parts of ourselves.

Aiming for balance shifts some things in our lives and overall in our state of mind.

Yes, okay! balance is good, moderation is good but how do I aim for it.

It is a step-by-step gradual process and a process that in itself is rewarding.

And the first step is understanding and accepting our current situation.

Identify the areas where we are in excess, write them down.

They may not come to you right away so take notes.

Observe your daily activities and surely you will be able to identify 1 or 2 things where you are going towards excess and write them down.

Then identify what is lacking in your life something that you want to do more but are not doing it and also something that is for your betterment.

Are you not exercising enough?

Write that down.

Are u lagging behind in your studies write that too.

Is it money you want more of write that too.

How do you identify excesses or shortages?

Well, your instincts will tell you.

When you spend 6 hours of screen time you know you had done the excess.

When you know you are not studying enough you know there is a shortage in your life.

So trust your instincts.

Identifying itself is a big task.

You don’t want to go to either too much or too little in any zone of your life.

Now set your own standards, not social media standards, not influencer’s standards.

Set your own standards for each aspect that you have identified.

Just because someone exercises 6 days a week and you too want to do it, will not make you actually do it.

Yes, it's the truth.

We know all the good stuff we need and should do.

So here the key is to set your standards on your own. Set your own goals which you will actually follow.

It's always good to start small.

Balance for you may be working out 4 times a week and not building abs.

Balance could be cutting down screen time by just 20 minutes.

Decide what will bring you more towards stability and start small.

We are not trying to jump at it all at once we are aiming towards it slowly all the while enjoying the process.

After all, what is balance but peace of mind and harmony in our actions?




I took to words to see the reflection my inner world.

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Aarti Sharma

Aarti Sharma

I took to words to see the reflection my inner world.

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